John Castellano of Pittsburgh – Owner of Go Green Construction

John Castellano of Pittsburgh is the owner of Go Green Construction, a firm he started in 2009 in Pittsburgh. Castellano’s company is responsible for many major construction jobs in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Go Green performs quality construction jobs with sustainable building practices, thereby creating healthier work environments for the construction crews, the clients, and the clients’ employees. Go Green’s practices provide sustainable building for its clients, saving them money in the long run and lessening the negative impact on the earth.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh created Go Green Construction with his wife, Jennifer. Together, the two run a tight ship of environmentally conscious construction crews and management personnel. The entire company is committed to providing companies with excellent construction services that happen to be environmentally friendly. The Castellanos have planted their company firmly in the green building movement with their commitment to green construction practices and building designs.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh has made an immediate impact on the green building movement both in Pittsburgh and throughout the country with his company’s many projects. Some of the companies that have enlisted Go Green Construction’s services include Champs Nike, American Eagle Outfitters, and a local jewelry store called Alex and Ani.

The company manages several construction projects throughout the country concurrently, managing all aspects of green construction and design to find specific solutions to pollution problems and preventing waste energy. Go Green Construction is more than a general contractor, acting as an intermediary between contractors and managers, it is a leading force of change in the local construction scene.