John Castellano of Pittsburgh – Healthy Work Environment

John Castellano of Pittsburgh is not a climate change scientists, nor is he a politician. The ways he can personally improve the environment and slow the rate of climate change are small. However, as the father of three children, he knows that caring for the earth is extremely important because he kids will reap what his generation sows. Castellano took the mission of doing what he could in his limited capacity to improve the environment to heart when he and his wife Jennifer Castellano founded Go Green Construction (GGC). GGC works with corporate clients to create buildings that are constructed safely and in an environmentally-conscious way, and to help companies lessen their negative impact on the environment on which we all depend upon to survive.

John Castellano of Pittsburgh knows that companies want to save money any way they can. Those companies that find a way to keep their unnecessary expenditures down become successful. Go Green Construction provides clients with comprehensive construction services, overseeing construction projects from the beginning to the end, from designing and planning to the finishing touches. GGC creates safe working environments during the construction project and when the building is complete. John Castellano of Pittsburgh works hard to create healthy working environments for his clients and their employees and customers.

Many companies in the eastern United States have enlisted the help of Go Green Construction to refurbish or construct energy efficient and sustainable retail spaces, campuses, and other facilities. John Castellano of Pittsburgh hopes that more companies will commit to going green in the future.


John Castellano of Pittsburgh – General Contracting

John Castellano of Pittsburgh had 27 years of experience as a construction worker when he and his wife Jennifer started their own construction company, Go Green Construction, in 2009. The couple thought they could create a profitable company committed to helping companies construct energy-efficient facilities that had little negative impact on the environment. The Castellanos grew tired or reading the bleak environmental news that seemed to crash upon them like waves time and time again. A father of three kids, John Castellano of Pittsburgh decided to pitch in to save the planet from pollution in his way. Go Green Construction is committed to that purpose.

Go Green Construction is a general contractor company committed to using sustainable building practices and designing buildings to be more energy-efficient for commercial and institutional clients. Go Green is a full-service construction company that can handle a project from start to finish, whether the project is conventional construction or a remodel job to obtain LEED certification, Go Green Construction assists its clients throughout the project, from start to finish. John Castellano of Pittsburgh prides himself and his company in providing full-service construction services, helping to complete projects from planning and development to construction and bidding. Castellano and his team also act as intermediaries between architects, interior designers, property management companies, building departments, and inspectors.

Since John Castellano of Pittsburgh started the company with his wife in 2009, Go Green Construction has prided itself in providing the most comprehensive sustainable construction options designed to lessen the negative impact on the environment, and save clients money by improving energy efficiency.