3 Ways to Make a Green Community

Many people are taking a stand around their communities to pledge for a greener lifestyle in the attempt to save the environment. While this is an amazing decision, sometimes it can be hard to find the next steps in the commitment. Here is a list of three different ways that you build your community to start going green and make a difference in your environment!

Make a Recycling Group­- Recycling should have been one of your first steps as a green citizen, but now it’s time to spread the movement and advocate starting a community of recyclers! Building a group or team of recycling citizens on your street is a great way to spread the news and make your neighborhood more environmentally friendly!

Host Green Events– Making the entire city aware of the efforts of others in making a better environment will make a great impact on how many people join in the commitment. Host fun and informative events around the city that gets people in the habit of making environmentally-aware decisions!

Encourage Green Businesses– Many environmentalists are making impacts in communities by recruiting businesses and property owners. John Castellano did this in the city of Pittsburgh with his company Go Green Construction, where he advocated for energy efficient building and greener methods of constructing facilities. Taking the fight to the influential people in the city will make a great difference on how the word is spread around the streets!

For more information visit at: http://follr.me/JohnCastellanoPittsburgh