Go Green Construction Takes the Spotlight

The world is going green, and as the shade darkens, many areas of society are adopting this lifestyle in an attempt to make it a social wave. Having a nation full of green thinkers makes a powerful difference, and with aims to make this possible, companies all over the United States are sprouting up to make a difference and spread the word about what each citizen can do for the environment. In the spotlight today is a Pittsburgh company that has been working with businesses and homes all over the eastern United States to promote these green solutions.

Go Green Construction is a top-tier construction company that offers services beyond that of simply erecting buildings for use. That method is in the past, and it takes much more than just that to successfully create a facility. With the need for environmental awareness, Go Green Construction provides services and consulting to offer more energy efficient ways to construct buildings that are also more cost efficient. Their purpose is to make the unit operate better and with less waste. They provide energy auditing as well to already constructed buildings, helping everyone in their community achieve efficiency.

The owner, John Castellano Pittsburgh, has been in the construction business for over 27 years before he found his own. He and his wife established the business together in 2009, with the ultimate goal of spreading a greener message to the communities the bottom line of their company. From there, they have succeeded at accomplishing that and more, and are planning to expand to a nation-wide service in the future.